Wholesale Portraits Laminate Flooring

Durable, real-wood-look laminate flooring
to fit any residential space.

Quality Laminate Flooring for Diverse
Residential Flooring Needs

Taiga manufactures and supplies an extensive range of wholesale laminate flooring products designed to deliver exceptional style to any home. With an attractive real wood look, Portraits laminate flooring is what your customers need to transform the floors of any room. Discover Portraits’s unique product features, technical specifications, and colours below.

Please note that Taiga is a wholesale laminate flooring distributor. We don’t sell our laminate flooring brands directly to the general public. To learn more about Taiga’s laminate flooring products, please contact your local Taiga representative today.

Product Features

With advanced scratch, stain-resistent features, Portraits laminate flooring is designed for ultimate durability.

Technical Specs
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Portraits easy-to-install laminate flooring is designed for various home flooring needs.


6.5” X 48” PLANK
8” X 48” PLANK*
13.19 FT2 PER BOX (6.5”)
15.55 FT2 PER BOX* (8”)
15.25 KG PER BOX

  • 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty
  • Drop Lock System Installation
  • UV Protection
  • Waxed Edge
  • Painted Bevel
  • Embossed Texture
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Dent Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Super Matte Woodgrain Finish
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Portraits laminate flooring is available in various colours to suit the diverse styles and preferences of all homeowners.

CanvasTan Portraits laminate flooring.
CanvasTan 8in
Portraits laminate flooring.
Charleston 6.5in
Khaki Portraits laminate flooring.
Khaki 6.5in
Masterpiece Portraits laminate flooring
Masterpiece 8in
Natural Maple Portraits laminate flooring.
Natural Maple 6.5in
Straw Hat Portraits laminate flooring.
Straw Hat 8in
Titanium Portraits laminate flooring.
Titanium 6.5in
Whalebone Portraits laminate flooring.
Whalebone 8in

Taiga Warranties

At Taiga, we pride ourselves in offering competitive warranties on our flooring products. If you have any questions or concerns about your flooring or accessories, please let us know below.

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