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Taiga mouldings are manufactured using medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or finger joint pine (FJP). They are manufactured with processes that meet or exceed any industry standard to date, allowing the use of any high-quality trim paint.

Through research, development, and laboratory tests for uniformity, strength, and other structural qualities, we have produced quality products in a range of moulding profiles that will elevate the look of your showroom and your customers’ home.

*Taiga is a wholesale moulding distributor. We do not sell directly to the general public. Please contact the nearest retailer for product and pricing information.

Taiga’s Mouldings Products.

Please note that not all products may be available in your region, contact your local Taiga representative for more information.

*All pictures and images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of mouldings?

There are many different types of mouldings that can be used as finishing touches when decorating and enhancing the look of a home. Some common types include baseboard moulding, crown moulding, the casing around windows and doors, and more. 

What materials are used for mouldings?

Mouldings are available in various materials; however, MDF is one of the most durable, stable, and affordable materials used for mouldings. 

How do I choose moulding size?

Opting for a larger moulding is essential if you’re looking to create a traditional visual statement in rooms with high ceilings. Aim for a minimum of 4 inches in height for more modern and casual spaces.

What is crown moulding? 

Crown moulding, also known as cornice moulding, is one of the most popular moulding styles used in a renovation project. It is a decorative strip of MDF material that is used to enhance the appearance of a room by covering the gap between the wall and the ceiling to add visual interest and elegance to a room.