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Why Taiga Exterior Wood

We treat it right. All Taiga Exterior Wood Preserved Wood products go through a complete quality control process from start to finish.

Wood is the most sustainable building material available. As a raw material, wood creates far less carbon dioxide emissions than competing building products.

Treated wood protects against termite attack and fungal decay, lengthening its serviceable life and extending the benefits of using wood even further.

Taiga supports and encourages sound forest practices and the effective management of the forest resource for future generations to enjoy. Since 2007, all three of Taiga's Envirofor treating plants are certified byEnvironment Canada and Wood Preservation Canada.

The advantages with Taiga Exterior Wood:

  • Over 25 years of experience in preserving wood products
  • We partner with mills that understand our high level of standards
  • We treat to the current CSA Standards
  • We keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and technology to ensure quality products for our customers
  • Taiga Exterior Wood has become the brand that Canadians trust
  • Taiga treats with only Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approved chemical solutions (ie. ACQ, CA, CCA, WAG)
  • Our knowledgeable sales representatives are available to assist you whenever you need them
  • Delivering on customer expectations — Taiga has over 10 million FBM available on the ground at the plants
  • Taiga Exterior Wood packaging includes attractive lumber wraps, retailer-friendly lift sizes (including minor bundling on some items), end tagging and bar coding (as required)
  • Keeping it fresh — we provide smaller than industry standard pack sizes allowing for continued product freshness and greater inventory turns
  • Mix it up — a complete line of preserved wood building materials you can mix on each truck
  • Why shop around when you can buy the best — Taiga offers one of the best margin product categories in the industry
  • No wane is our aim

We stand behind our products. Taiga Guaranteed.

Taiga controls the quality of the fibre. We have worked with many of our suppliers since 1987 to refine the Taiga Exterior Wood grade into what our customers want.

We have focused on maintaining a very high percentage of lodgepole pine in our decking which are produced by a moulder and NOT a planer, and kiln-dried for improved treating and in-use performance.

Taiga Exterior Wood. Ask for it by name.

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